Enya Kennelly

Nurse Case Manager

Our Nurse Case Manager Enya is a registered nurse with over 7 years of experience in patient care both within hospitals and clinic environments.

After completing her training in Dublin Ireland, Enya moved to Australia to pursue her passion in nursing and providing cardiac care.

Enya gained experience working across Sydney in many major hospitals. Over the last few years of her career she has been specialising in cardio-thoracic care supporting patient preparation and assisting in their road to recovery.

After completing her critical care course, Enya was keen to apply herself to further studies in diabetes and its management.

Enya has also completed her certificate IV in training and assessment and has spent some time educating nurses on the ward and facilitating student nurses on their hospital placements. She continues her passion for cardio-thoracic care in her current role as Nurse Case Manager.

The clinical case manager is a key role within the practise that provides a high standard of professionalism and high quality clinical assistance and patient education to the patients of the practise.

Under the direction of our surgeons, Enya organises all hospital booking management as well as attending to patient needs pre-and post-heart and lung surgery with excellent service and care.