Preparing for surgery

Through our experience, research and knowledge base we provide our patients with continuity of care and aim to provide each patient with a quality of life outcome.

There are many potential reasons for a heart or lung problem. A patient’s journey can start with something seemingly insignificant like shortness of breath, or a more significant event like a heart attack. Other medical professionals such as General Practitioners or Specialists refer our patients, and they come from many walks and stages of life, male and female, from ex-marathon runners with blocked coronaries to young mothers who want the least invasive surgery (mini-Mitral Valve Surgery).

Whatever your walk of life and whatever your diagnosis, your care is our concern. The Sydney Heart and Lung team works closely together to provide each patient with the support and surgical expertise that can provide a better outcome for life.

Please take the time to read about the preparation and care required for your surgery.

Download the ‘Preparing for Lung Surgery’ Handbook

Download the ‘Preparing for Heart Surgery’ Handbook