Our priority is to ensure your journey is a comfortable one

From the moment you walk through our doors your care is our concern. Our patient support and clinical nursing team will guide you through each step, including pre-surgery meetings with the surgeon and daily hospital visits by our surgical team, post-operation.

Sydney Heart and Lung Surgeons work very closely together and provide an extensive support network for the care of patients having complex heart and lung surgery across all campuses.

Once your operation has been carried out, your surgeon, or another member of our surgical team, will visit you regularly in hospital whilst you are recovering. This high level of patient-surgeon contact ensures the best continuity of care and offers you the opportunity to ask questions as they arise. As part of our multi-disciplinary approach.

Our Hospital Case Managers will guide you through the steps of your recovery once you leave hospital. This will include answering practical questions about whether you can drive or travel, as well as when you must see your see your GP (one week post-operation), cardiologist (three weeks post-operation) and surgeon (six weeks post-operation).

We believe that an informed and well-prepared experience delivers the best possible outcome for our patients, and our team is here to help at every stage.